Kailyn Lowry can breathe easy now that Javi Marroquin is officially in a new relationship. After ploys to get himself onto a dating show, it looks like Marroquin has come up with a prize. It was speculated that he was dating Madison Channing Walls and now, it has been confirmed. This may cause issues with Lowry though, especially since his new girl has a history of issues.

Who is Madison Channing Walls?

If you have watched “Real World: Skeletons,” you will know all about Madison Channing Walls. She was a contestant on that season and met her baby daddy on the show as well.

It is rumored that Walls is a former heroin addict, though Javi Marroquin gets upset when anything like that is mentioned. Recently, there were some Twitter comments made about her past and he jumped to her defense. Madison's daughter is just a little over a year old and her relationship with Harper's father has been done for some time.

The two live thousands of miles away from one another. Javi Marroquin lives in Delaware near ex-wife Kailyn Lowry while Madison Channing Walls resides in Austin, Texas with her daughter. The two met up in Philadelphia for the first time and made things official. They are planning to hang out again in April in Texas where Walls plans to introduce Marroquin to her daughter and the rest of her family.

What will Kailyn Lowry think?

This could be a serious issue for Kailyn Lowry. According to Us Weekly, Javi Marroquin revealed that his ex-wife is aware of the relationship. Fans are worried that she will be upset about Madison Channing Walls' past and hold it against Javi when it comes to seeing Lincoln. It was something she did to her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera when he met and got serious with Vee Torres.

While it is unclear if Lowry has an opinion right now, fans believe it won't end well.

It appears that the relationship will play out mostly on social media until one of the two relocates. Javi Marroquin will likely never leave the Delaware area because of his son, Lincoln. If Madison Channing Walls is serious about him, she would have to give up everything in Texas and relocate with her daughter. Only time will tell but for now, the two are confirmed as dating.