When Arnold Schwarzenegger took Donald Trump's place as the host of "Celebrity Apprentice" after the former TV star became President of the United States it was quite a change for the show. However, that change only lasted one season. After the ratings dipped in his season as host, Schwarzenegger said he wasn't returning and said it was mostly due to President Trump.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's statement

Arnold Schwarzenegger released a statement announcing that he was leaving "Celebrity Apprentice." While the former Governor of California said that he learned a lot and had a great time hosting the show, he doesn't want to do it again.

The thing about Arnold is that he has a successful career outside of television and can still go make movies. He said that the thing that really crashed this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" was that people found out that Donald Trump was still the executive producer and still received money from the show, despite being President of the United States. Schwarzenegger said that is when people began to boycott the show.

Donald Trump blamed Arnold Schwarzenegger

Interestingly, Donald Trump didn't seem to want anyone to know that he was still connected to "Celebrity Apprentice." Trump even took to Twitter to post one of his infamous rants about the ratings of the show after he became President of the United States.

Trump decided that he would bash Arnold Schwarzenegger, insulting both his role on "Celebrity Apprentice" and his role as Governor of California.

While it seems strange for the President of the United States to make fun of citizens of the country he presides over, that is where the world is today.

It also might have something to do with why Arnold doesn't want to work on a show that puts more money into the pockets of President Trump.

The Decline of 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Whether the rating's decline of "Celebrity Apprentice" was due to Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a bad job as the host or people not wanting to support a television show that the President of the United States profited from, the fact is that the show has dropped hard. Arnold said he is finished regardless because the involvement of Donald Trump "leaves a bad taste" and he doesn't want to participate anymore.