Javi Marroquin may have just found his match! The "Teen Mom 2" star has begun dating another MTV star, one who is being hailed as an upgrade from ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry. Just last week Marroquin was talking about being ready to find love and how he considered joining another television show to find love. "Are You The One?" even got an audition tape from the reality star.

Meet Javi's new girl

This weekend, Javi Marroquin revealed he is dating former "Real World: Skeletons" star Madison Channing Walls. She is two years older than him and has a daughter.

In fact, she welcomed her daughter with her ex-boyfriend who she met on the reality show. There is some concern about Marroquin hooking up with Walls as she is a former heroin addict. Fans have talked about how big of an issue this will be for Kailyn Lowry when she considers letting Javi have Lincoln when she is around.

This is fast, even by Javi standards. He did tell a publication that he was talking to someone put wouldn't elaborate on who it is. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Javi Marroquin and Madison Channing Walls are hot together. It is unclear how long they have been talking, but they hung out all weekend. The two may have met via Twitter, though that has not been confirmed. In fact, Marroquin hasn't said much about his new girl and only captioned his Instagram photo of her with a fire emoji.

What will Kailyn think?

Chances are, Kailyn Lowry knows that Javi Marroquin got a serious upgrade when he ended up with Madison Channing Wells. She is definitely more girly than Kail is, and many fans have pointed out she is more beautiful. While those are only the opinions of those on social media, several people have agreed.

Lowry is too busy worrying about her own drama to be caught up in what her ex-husband is doing, or is she?

Fans hope for the best between Javi Marroquin and his new lady love. The two have not known each other long but it seems to be going great between the conversations and the hanging out the two did over the weekend.