Uh-oh, the promised "From Not to Hot" transformation of Mama June Shannon may not happen. The "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star's weight-loss has stopped and that will derail skin removal plastic surgery and a breast implant procedure. But worst of all, June's afraid she'll look like a fool at her ex "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson's wedding. Will Sugar Bear and his body-shaming wife Jennifer Lamb get the last laugh? Can Shannon figure out what's causing weight gain, fix it, and get that tummy tuck and boob job?

Mama June lies about weight-loss

On the last episode of "From Not to Hot," her agent Gina called to tell Shannon that a doctor would perform her plastic surgery.

The WETv rep warned June that she had to weigh 199 pounds or less to qualify for a tummy tuck and skin removal surgery. The reality television star hasn't always been truthful (her lies about dating child molester Mark McDaniel actually lost the TLC "Honey Boo Boo" show). When Gina asked what she weighed, Shannon lied again. But the plastic surgeon's scale didn't and so he couldn't perform the surgeries.

Mama June fesses up on weight gain

Shannon says she weighed over 450 pounds at one time and had bariatric surgery in 2015 (she lied about gastric bypass too, but that was for the reality television makeover surprise). "From Not to Hot" promises that Mama June is now a size 4 (since filming the show) although in episode 3 June was only down to size 12.

That proves the mom of four can lose weight if she wants. So why isn't she? June says the problem lies in two words: Jennifer Lamb.

Sugar Bear's morbidly obese wife body-shames Mama June

Jennifer Lamb is, viewers have agreed, bigger than June was even at her heaviest. Yet this didn't stop Sugar Bear's new wife from calling Shannon a "whale." The two gals accidentally met at the wedding outfitting and apparently the bride didn't like that her rival wore white better.

Later, Lamb switched gears and mocked June Shannon for being too thin, as she spitefully stuffed Honey Boo Boo full of junk food. Most people could see that this was a case of "obesity loves company." But the insults unnerved June as they do when one is dieting, hungry and vulnerable. Shannon admitted to comfort eating but now that she has identified her trigger, can she stop? Or will her rival triumph?