Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been hot topics during this season of "Teen Mom 2." Their divorce has been playing out in front of millions of viewers as they get to watch and see what living in that moment looked like to those around them. Lowry and Marroquin had a really hard time getting along post-split, and it led to some serious issues between the two.

First, Javi Marroquin was essentially told to find somewhere else to live by Kailyn Lowry. She is going to remain in their house and he needed to find somewhere else to stay when he returned from Qatar last fall.

Then, the two have constantly been fighting, even in front of the children. Lowry has admitted to calling Jo Rivera to come pick up Isaac because things have been tense. One particular incident happened when Marroquin found another guy in the house with Kailyn.

Allegations of cheating have surfaced

Not all of the cheating allegations have been against Kailyn Lowry, but most of them have. Javi Marroquin was rumored to have been seeing someone when he was stationed away. During the "Teen Mom 2" episode last Monday, some words were said that could have been taken the wrong way. When Lowry admits to sleeping with someone else, it is unclear whether or not she meant while Javi was deployed or after they officially split.

He seems to believe she cheated on him while he was gone and there are some fans who agree with that.

One thing is for sure about this couple, they cannot get along. Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin tried to work through their issues when they filmed "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars" last fall. It will be airing at some point this year and features the two trying to work on communication for the sake of their son, Lincoln.

What lies ahead at the reunion?

With only a few episodes left of "Teen Mom 2" before the reunion, there is no telling what to expect. Last year, Javi Marroquin wasn't present for the actual taping, he was videoed in to talk about his issues with Kailyn Lowry. This year, they will be in California and fans believe it will be intense for both of them, especially with the new pregnancy reveal.