Hey, "Grey's Anatomy" peeps. We recently got some brand new spoiler scoops in from ABC for the upcoming episode 17 of season 13. In this press release synopsis, they handed over three storyline reveals, which sound quite interesting as we'll see Maggie's mother back in town, but Maggie still won't know why she's back. We got a big argument scene that's going down between Amelia and Owen at some point, and more.

It's "Till I Hear It From You"

To get things started, we got a title for this thing. It turns out that they wanted to call it: "Till I Hear It From You." They started off their press release by putting in ,all-caps, that Maggie's mother is going to be back on the scene, and that things will get real heated between Owen and Amelia at some point, so it looks like these two storylines will get a lot of attention in this one.

Diane's back

Elaborating on the Maggie storyline, they tell us that her mother, Diane Pierce, is going to end up, returning to Grey Sloan. However, something is going to be off, because for some reason, Maggie is going to still be in the dark as to why her mother is there. Will Maggie eventually find out why she's there? Or will she continue to be oblivious? Those are a couple of questions for that situation.

Heavy tensions

Next, they elaborated on the whole Amelia and Owen situation. It turns out that these two love birds will be in the midst of trying to work out their problems, which is going to result in their big, heated argument. Also, they'll be delivering up all this drama while trying to work a trauma case together.

Will these two love birds finally be able to come to some sort of an agreement to put their fighting to rest? Or will they just continue to let these problems effect their relationship? One thing's for sure, is that it definitely sounds like we'll get some very entertaining scenes from these two in this episode.

Bailey and Richard drama

Lastly, we got a teaser that features Bailey and Richard in action. Apparently, she's going to try to mend her relationship with him at some point. So, the big questions, here, is will Richard agree to mend things? Or will he tell her to take a hike? We'll definitely have to wait until this one airs to find that out unless they give something away in the new promo/spoiler clips that we expect to see get released after episode 16 airs tonight, so be on the lookout for those. We'll definitely get them posted to this site. Also, we can confirm that episode 17 is set to hit the airwaves next Thursday night, March 23rd,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.