Fans are eagerly awaiting the reveal of Uber A -- also known as A.D. -- in "Pretty Little Liars." It turns out that the reveal will be sad to some of the fans, and not because the show is coming to an end. The backstory for the biggest villain in "PLL" history is going to give a human side to this character that has been behind a mask for so long. Very much like Cece Drake's backstory, there is going to be a reason for the evil plan and tormenting of the young Liars.

Even the best villains are relatable

I. Marlene King has taken the "Pretty Little Liars" books and turned them into something completely different for the TV screens.

Fans have seen how the showrunner has been able to add dimensions to every character on the show -- even the good aren't complete angels. There are grey lines in the world, and "PLL" has certainly proven that over and over again. Each of the Liars has hidden something or done something against their friends, whether because A/Uber A has told them to or because they felt it it was the only option. It makes sense that the villains will have done something good and be relatable in other ways.

The Liars have created motives for the 'Pretty Little Liars' villains

It should be no surprise that the Liars will have done something to create Uber A. This is exactly what happened in the past. Mona and Cece/Charlotte both tormented the four Liars because of the things that they had done in the past.

While Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer may never have actually bullied Mona, they didn't do anything to stop Alison from doing it. She blamed them as much as Alison for the torment during high school, so focused on them afterwards when Alison was gone. As for Charlotte, she had been locked away in Radley, all because she was a male who identified as female.

Fans don't know what the Uber A backstory will be and have many theories on who A.D. will turn out to be. Whoever it is, the backstory is going to be sad and somewhat relatable to fans. Make sure you have your tissues at the ready when "PLL" season 7 returns in April.