Janet Jackson recently became a mom at the age of 50. The famed singer had finally given birth for the first time at an age when most women are already finished with childbearing and are oftentimes literally begging their children for grand babies. However, as the old saying goes, it is better late than never. But while the new mom celebrates the birth of her first child - her only child - her son Eissa Al Manna with her Qatar billionaire husband, there still remains a nagging issue that needs to be addressed by the 'Nasty' singer.

Did Janet Jackson and James Debarge have a secret child?

Did Janet Jackson give birth to a daughter when or before she was married to singer James Debarge? This rumor has been circulating for some time now on the rumor mills. However, Jackson had adamantly denied the accusation that she is the mother of this 31-year-old woman.

For many years, rumors have swirled that the singer and her ex-husband shared a child together. The child in question was given up for adoption shortly after her birth. The supposed child is a young woman by the name of Tiffany White.

In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, she told the interviewer that she was tired of her mother pretending as if she does not exist.

White declared that she only wants her supposed mother 'Janet Jackson' to come clean and acknowledge the fact that she is her biological daughter. The 31-year-old woman said she secretly found out that she was the daughter of James Debarge and Janet Jackson after receiving messages from an unidentified woman.

Debarge and Jackson tied the knot in 1984 but divorced only a year after being married.

Tiffany White grew up in foster care, and stated that she does not want to be rich or famous off Jackson's name but only wants to be acknowledged by Ms. Jackson, who she said had denied her for too long.

DNA test with Katherine Jackson is 99.9% proof?

According to Debarge, he is ready to take a paternity test and put closure to this nagging issue.

White had also disclosed to the media outlet that she had done a paternity test with her grandmother Katherine Jackson and got a 99.9% DNA match with Janet Jackson's mother.

So now it's time for the Rhythm Nation singer to woman-up and take a DNA test with this young lady so that this mother-daughter issue can finally be settled. The world and her fans would really like to know the truth. Is she the biological mother of 31-year-old Tiffany White?