According to TMZ on Friday, March 17, there will be a sequel to the popular 1988 Romantic Comedy Film, "Coming to America." The announcement was first mistakenly posted on Eddie Murphy's Twitter page. The teaser was then deleted. However, the bottom line is that Eddie Murphy is in the process of writing "Coming to America 2."

Sequel is coming

It has been reported that Eddie Murphy is in the early stages of writing the sequel. He doesn't know whether he will use the original cast or not. It depends on the plot he is writing. Most of the original cast members are willing to appear in a sequel, and fans are anxious to see them again.

Vanessa Bell Calloway, who one of the original cast members, jumped for joy when she heard a sequel is in the making. It's been 30 years since she played Princess Imani, but she said she is ready to do it again.

Sequel in the works

As it stands now, a sequel is in the works. It depends on Eddie Murphy as to when it will be ready to be released in theaters. Based on how long the process is, fans need to be patient because the sequel won't be ready for a while. However, just knowing that it eventually will be released gives people something to smile about.

The comedian used some A-list celebrities the first time around, and he might do so again. Eddie Murphy himself had the leading role of Akeem Joffer, a very wealthy African prince coming to America, specifically Queens, New York.

He goes undercover to find a wife who doesn't know he is a prince. He wants the woman to love him for him instead of for his title.

The other original cast members in the romantic comedy film included Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Louie Anderson, John Amos, Allison Dean, and other talented actors. Murphy and Hall played several different roles which made the movie even funnier.

The first time around, the 117-minute film had a budget of $39 million, and it made $288,752,301 at the box office. Did you see "Coming to America"? If not, you have time to see it before you are ready to see "Coming to America 2."