"Grey's Anatomy" fans eager to see Meredith and co. back on their screens will have to wait a little longer. Season 13, episode 15 is going to air a week later than many fans hoped, airing on March 9 instead of this week. This is all because of the "When We Rise" special, "The People Behind the Story." Fans are understandably disappointed, but ABC has shared a sneak peek to get people interested and ready for next week.

Civil war continues in 'Grey's Anatomy'

When the season does return, fans will dive straight back into the hospital politics, currently causing civil war in the hospital.

Webber, Jackson, April, and Catherine will all be called in on a trauma case that is grueling enough. With Webber and Jackson currently in a stance against Catherine and Bailey bringing Eliza Minnick in and April taking the job as Interim Chief of General, the case will become even harder to deal with. Can the four find some common ground to put the patient first?

Focus back on Meredith and Riggs

'Grey's Anatomy' season 13, episode 15 is also likely going to bring back the focus on the Meredith/Riggs love story. Some fans believe that the relationship is too soon after Derek -- forgetting about the 'Grey's Anatomy' timeline that was pushed forward nine months in just one episode. During the trailer, Alex has clearly noticed that Meredith likes Riggs and suggests that they finally start dating.

The problem for Meredith is that her sister Maggie likes Riggs, too, and believes Riggs is interested in her. The trailer suggests that the two will start to admit that there is more to their relationship than they would like to initially admit -- at least from Meredith's view. This will make some fans disappointed as they want to see Merlex happen.

There aren't any repeats of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 this week either. Fans will have to put up with episodes that they have on DVR or watch on Hulu or another playback source. "When We Rise: The People Behind the Story" will take over the usual timeslot, but "Grey's Anatomy" will return next week.