Fans who want to see Alex and Meredith get together on "Grey's Anatomy" may be in for some disappointment. It looks like the actors may not want Merlex to happen, but of course it will all depend on what Shonda Rhimes wants. After Justin Chambers weighed in on the idea earlier this month, Ellen Pompeo has shared her thoughts recently about the idea of Merlex.

It's like kissing her brother

One thing that Pompeo said was that kissing Alex on the show would be like kissing her brother. This is also the case for her to kiss the actor who plays the character, Chambers.

The two have become extremely close over the years. There is a friendship between them that only develops after years of being in a platonic friendship on a show. As many fans have said, the two are more like siblings than love interests and that may be the way that it should remain.

However, she has admitted that this isn't just about Meredith and Alex hooking up. She finds kissing anybody who is not her husband weird, since she is "very fond" of the man in her real life. This may explain why so many actors whose characters get involved with each other end up being involved in real life at some point.

Anything is possible in 'Grey's Anatomy'

Fans do know that absolutely anything is possible in "Grey's Anatomy." Rhimes likes to spice things up and keep her fans guessing -- and that is not always in a good way.

She likes to create drama and that could mean Alex and Meredith getting together at some point. The showrunner has even said that it could be a possibility somewhere down the line. Right now, they are just friends and that's the way it needs to stay right now.

It's no secret that the two have love storylines happening. Alex and Jo were a serious couple until the Season 12 finale.

Meredith and Riggs started to hook up but that storyline hasn't been touched on as much recently. It hasn't helped that Meredith was suspended from the hospital, giving Maggie and Riggs a chance to bond and connect.

Which side are you on with the Merlex debate? Would you like to see the two together on "Grey's Anatomy"?