With the news that Jerrika Hinton is leaving "Grey's Anatomy" after this season, it means her character Stephanie will need to say goodbye to the rest of the doctors. She won't be the first main character to leave, but she was fortunate to become a series regular. Other characters have been considered and then dropped for one reason or another. These three "Grey's Anatomy" characters were supposed to get bigger story lines and you can tell from hints within the series.

1. Sadie -- Melissa George

Way back in "Grey's Anatomy" season 5, Melissa George appeared in a few episodes of Sadie.

She was Meredith's travelling friend and had spent a year in a morgue, pushing her behind in the residency program. This was the crazy girl who allowed interns to cut out her appendix to help get some surgical time. There was a hint of a story of her and Callie being a thing, but that was quickly dropped when George decided she didn't want to be on the show full time. The character has left with the option to return.

2. Reed Adamson -- Nora Zehetner

It took fans a while to get used to the Mercy West residents; some more than others. Reed Adamson was the assertive and cocky member of the group, who didn't make friends easily. She also didn't win the hearts of the "Grey's Anatomy" viewers. She was quickly dropped and became the first casualty in the shooting in the season 6 finale.

3. Jason -- Charles Michael Davis

Jason wasn't a character that fans liked, since he was a woman beater. However, there were plans to keep him on and it wasn't the fans hatred for him that prevented that. Charles Michael Davis was offered the role of Marcel in "The Originals" season 1 and decided to take that job. He's still on that show if you want to see him!

Some characters should have been on the show for longer. For one reason or another, Shonda Rhimes decided to take them out of "Grey's Anatomy," but not always because of the fans. It turns out that Rhimes wanted a couple of the characters but the actors wanted to pursue other projects. Which one of these three characters would you have liked to see on "Grey's Anatomy" as a series regular?