Reality television star Mama June Shannon may have won the battle of the bulge but she's losing the war on obesity. And she's putting her daughter "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson in the firing line. Actually, all three parents -- Mama June, dad "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson and Alana's stepmom Jennifer Lamb are using the girl as a weapon. And this tug-o-war -- as played out on WEtv "From Not to Hot" -- is the reason Alana will keep running from weight-loss to food.

Jennifer Lamb manipulates Honey Boo Boo

The point of "From Not to Hot" is to showcase Mama June's weight-loss and plastic surgery makeover.

But she's also, supposedly, transforming other areas which include getting rid of "bad men." This ostensibly means her cheating, bisexual ex Sugar Bear. That's fine with him, because he's moved on to a new wife, Jennifer Lamb. Now Jen hates June with a red-hot passion and will do anything to undermine her, even if it hurts Alana. Lamb force-fed the overweight girl a bunch of sweets, just to checkmate Shannon feeding Alana healthier foods. So the wicked stepmother's agenda is obvious. But the other two parents pose a more subtler and maybe bigger threat.

Mama June uses daughter

Mama June supposedly has HBB's best interests at heart. But when Alana came home with a box of desserts from Jennifer, Shannon, who's had bariatric surgery and is trying to lose weight for plastic surgery, began eating them.

But breaking the gastric bypass rules wasn't the worst of it. When Alana demanded Jen's gift back, mom threw them away. Was June more concerned about the child's obesity or her own pride? Seems like pride, because later on in the WEtv reality television show, she took Honey Boo Boo out for ice cream!

Sugar Bear exploits Honey Boo Boo

Everyone's always saying what a great guy Sugar Bear is but he's a manipulator too. June and Jennifer are clearly putting Alana in the middle but so is her dad. He approves of his new (morbidly obese) wife's fat-shaming and then thin-shaming his daughter's mom in front of the child. He lets her stuff the girl full of junk food as he brags about losing weight.

He encourges Alana Thompson in body-shaming her mother. In this hostile family, it will be almost impossible for Alana to find the willpower to diet if she even wants to. She will continue in denial and comfort eating till she's more overweight than her mom. Instead of worrying about June, the family better start caring for HBB (the only reason any of them are "celebrities" in the first place) before it's too late.