Alright, so last night, we got the new spoiler clips in from AMC. Three of them ,to be exact, for their upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 15 of season 7. They look really interesting and intense as we get new looks at Rick and company, moving in for the attack. Michonne is seen, firing off a few rounds. It looks like Maggie might have some trouble with Gregory. Major chaos is spotted, breaking out, and more!

Through the woods

The first clip, starts off giving us a new scene that features Rick and his main crew, walking through the woods, looking serious as hell.

Then we hear Rick say, "watch for the signal." Next we get a scene that shows us Carl and Enid in action for a brief moment. In the background, there's talk about when the clock started. From there, we see Michonne and a few others in a small boat. After that, Rick is spotted, asking MIchonne if she's ready. She replies with: " I'm good enough."

Total chaos

Next, a whole bunch of chaos breaks out after a huge explosion goes off! As we near the end of the clip, we're shown a flurry of different scenes that gives us a close-up of Negan. Then Maggie is spotted back in action, but is definitely in serious danger as Gregory looks like he's about to pull a knife on her or something. Michonne is also seen, firing off a few rounds at somebody.

It looks pretty wild.

She agrees

In the 2nd clip, we get a solo scene that features Gregory and Maggie. Maggie is spotted, doing some gardening or whatever. He goes on to tell her that he was hoping they could talk, and proceeds to ask her why she's still there. That leads into them, talking about Carson. She questions him about his promise of getting him back.

At one point, he tells her that things would run more smoothly if they presented a united front. Maggie responds by saying, it would be easier if they were actually a united front. That leads into him, supposedly apologizing for his past actions. Maggie seems to buy it, and agrees to talk with him later on.

He pulls that knife

In the 3rd and last clip, we get more of these two. They show more of what happened in the 2nd clip, accept this time, they give us a little extra footage, making it appear that Gregory is possibly thinking about stabbing Maggie with that knife he's holding in his hand. It should definitely be interesting to see how that scene plays out. Be sure to check out the new clips, below, and stay tuned. Episode 15 is set to show up on Sunday night, March 26th, 2017 at 8pm central time on AMC.