In "The Vampire Diaries" season 6, Kai put a curse on Elena and Bonnie. While Bonnie was alive, Elena would remain asleep. The only thing that would bring Elena back would be Bonnie's death, and there was no way around this curse. Well, that is until now. In the series finale, Elena is going to return and it doesn't necessarily mean Bonnie is gone forever. Here's a look at how both can be on screen at the same time.

Bonnie is currently dead in 'The Vampire Diaries'

For those wondering about the end of the last episode, Bonnie is currently dead. Her heart stops and she will see Elena on the other side.

However, the character is going to be in the series finale, and will be alive. The death is just temporary. It's long enough for Bonnie's heart to stop and the curse requirements to be met. Elena will return. Kai never said anything about Bonnie staying dead -- just that she had to die. It's a beautiful twist by "TVD" writers to make sure both characters are on screen at the same time -- and both are alive!

The main character death is still up for grabs

So now there are more questions about who the (un)lucky person is to die in "TVD" series finale. At least one will die -- and Julie Plec has confirmed that it will be a main character. While many fans thought it would be Bonnie, it looks like there is a way around the problem of the curse; a legitimate way around.

Of course, this could be the death that Plec was talking about. Technically Bonnie died for a short time and she is a main character. Is it possible that everyone else will be safe or did Plec mean that a character will permanently die? Plenty of fans are crying out for Caroline's life to be spared, as they want to see her in "The Originals" and reunited with Klaus.

"The Vampire Diaries" series finale will air on Friday at 9pm on the CW. This is the final chance to see a new episode. It will follow a one-hour special to say goodbye to the characters of Mystic Falls. A character is likely to die but it looks like Bonnie is safe for now.