Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been told by producers on "The Voice" to play up their love for one another and flirt for the cameras because ratings were down! After rumors flew that the couple was fighting about Gwen's behavior on the show, viewership of the singing competition series dropped.

On a recent episode, Gwen complimented one of the contestants in a flirtatious manner which many other publications then alleged caused a fight between the two judges because Shelton was "jealous."

Viewers did not like it when Gwen and Blake fought and NBC producers took notice.

Allegations of any sort of fight have since been declared false but NBC producers have found that viewers had tuned out after that regardless.

Insiders told reporters that "The Voice" producers criticized Gwen's so-called "flirting" with the contestant because they claimed that the audience members did not like to see her and Blake fight.

Production told Gwen Stefani that they were "disappointed" because she and Blake seemed to be "lacking in the love department this season."

According to reports, "The Voice" couple was given a significant bonus this season to show more affection on the show.

One of the main reasons Gwen Stefani was brought back onto the hit NBC vocal competition show was because producers wanted to show off her love with Blake Shelton.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani called off the wedding.

However, as of March 28, "The Voice" couple put their wedding on hold, according to Hollywood Life.

Gwen and Blake are still "very much in love with one another," according to insiders close to the celebrity couple, claiming that an "engagement or wedding will not change that, so they aren’t rushing into any of that.

So a real honeymoon isn’t on the horizon anytime soon. They are happy with their current status of being boyfriend and girlfriend."

Blake Shelton may not be ready for a third marriage but he is ready for a baby with Gwen.

Although a wedding may not be in the near future for "The Voice" couple, apparently a baby is. Life & Style reported that Gwen and Blake were "trying to have a baby first."

Gwen is reportedly set on carrying the baby herself but if she is not able to Blake has said, "it doesn't matter if they adopt or get a surrogate."

Stefani, 47, is already a mother of three.

She has three sons with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma.

Blake Shelton does not have any children, but he has been married before-- twice. Shelton was first married in 2003 to his longtime girlfriend Kaynette Gern. They divorced in 2006 but before that, Blake met his second wife Miranda Lambert in 2005 at the CMT's 100 Greatest Duets Concert.

Perhaps Shelton is not in a hurry to rush into his third marriage but the country singer seems to be on board with becoming a father-of-four.

Should the focus of the show be more on the talented singing contestants on "The Voice"? Of course, the playful, joking banter back and forth between the judges provides some comic relief in between song performances, but are the producers going too far pushing Gwen and Blake?

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