Dance Moms” Season 7 is about to continue without Abby Lee Miller as she officially resigned as the show’s host. Now that she’s gone, Lifetime has found a new host for the reality television series with the “Dancing with the Stars” professional Cheryl Burke.

It has been said that the mothers of the show are now excited to work with the 32-year-old dancer. In fact, she already arrived at 8 Count Dance Academy in L.A to start working and meet her new students. With that, it is inevitable that the two choreographers will be compared.

New choreographers replacing Abby

Allegedly, a source from Lifetime told ABC News that “Dance Moms” can continue without Abby. In fact, the network now has a plan how to replace her by having a slew of guest choreographers that will be started by Cheryl.

"The current season of 'Dance Moms' that finished taping last week was shorter than normal because of Abby’s schedule," the insider revealed. Hence, it has been a “standard practice” that someone will fill her shoes whenever she’s not available.

It will be then easier for the show now to have different guest dance instructors one after another. Other dance teachers that will be seen in the TV series are Debbie Allen, Travis Payne, Aisha Francis and Erin Babbs.

Also, Nakul Dev Mahajan and Laurieann Gibson among others are going to be seen in the show.

However, the cable channel has yet to release its official statement about the issue.

Abby announces resignation on Instagram

To recall, Abby announced that she resigned as the “Dance Moms” host because of the disputes she has with the show’s producer.

The 50-year-old mentor revealed her sentiments on a lengthy post on her Instagram account.

She wrote that for the past six years and seven seasons, she has begged to be given creative credit for all the “ideas, award-winning routines, themes and costuming” she has done for the show. Unfortunately, no one hears her cries.

Now, she proudly said that she stood up for herself and contradicted the producer’s idea to put a command performance to one her favorite dance numbers.

She also explained that her problem is not the kids as she has loved them like her own and dedicated her life to make them successful.

The real problem she has with the show is being manipulated and disrespected by the people in it. Also, she felt like she has been used by men who know nothing about dancing and treating a woman poorly.