Just when you thought clowns were safe again, the trailer for Stephen King's IT drops. No, the terrifying trend from 2016 when people dressed as clowns harassed victims all around the world has come back to haunt you. Based on the novel first released in 1986 by the horror master Stephen King, the story features a group of seven young children trying to uncover the mystery of their towns disappearances and avoid being terrorized by It, the monster who exploits the deepest and darkest fears of its victims.

This will ruin clowns forever

Your children will never be allowed to play in the rain again.

The trailer starts with a young boy full of optimism and joy, chasing a paper boat down a stream. When the boat accidentally washes down a storm drain, we catch our first glimpse of "Pennywise" the clown. The trailer continues with scenes that promise a horrifying movie, Featuring claustrophobic sewer scenes, a deep mystery, and ghostly projectors.

Will this adaptation feature the talent to be successful?

After Stephen King's novel came out in 1986 to rave reviews and a number of awards, the book was adapted into a 2-part miniseries in 1990. Tim Curry starred as the titular It and received praise for his faithful adaption as Pennywise. The plot was also split into two parts. The kids when they first met their nemesis, and then 30 years later when the clown returns.

This new adaptation has been in development hell since 2009, with many different directors and writers attached. In 2012 it was announced that Cary Fukunaga, of True Detective fame, would direct and shoot the film in two parts like the 1990 miniseries before it. With one movie featuring the kids and the later featuring the adults.

However, shortly before production was to commence, Fukunaga left the project. Andrés Muschietti signed on to direct afterwards with Fukunaga keeping writing credits.

Drawing inspiration from the Netflix hit Stranger Things, It will feature a group of pre-teen children in a mid-80s setting, with deadly monsters and missing friends.

The movie will also feature the star of Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard. Bill Skarsgård and Jaeden Lieberher are also starring as Pennywise The Clown and Bill Denbrough, and the movie is due for release on the 8th of September.