The episode 17 of "The Flash" Season 3, titled “Duet,” will end the two-part musical crossover chapter with another The CW show, "Supergirl," which actress Melissa Benoist in the title character. This new episode will follow Kara and Barry as they are assigned to the other reality by the Music Meister. Barry and Kara will then realize that they have no superpowers in a different reality and will want to follow a script to get back to the original world and escape death.

Plot and Highlights episode 16

In the last episode 16 of “The Flash,” it was explained that Savitar was not really a god like he declared to be.

Also in episode 16, Jesse (V. Beane) was able to injure Savitar with the help of H.R. (T. Cavanagh), who figured out that the evil speedster does not need protection if he is really invulnerable. In the next episode 17, named "Duet," Barry Allen loses his abilities and collapses into a coma in an effort to save Supergirl. The only way he can reclaim his speed is to dance and sing his way out of his coma. Furthermore, Barry (G. Gustin) joins with Kara (Supergirl) in the most troubled way. The chapter takes off following the conclusions of "Supergirl" next week's episode, in which Supergirl becomes prey to the Music Meister. Fans may need to follow the next episode of "Supergirl" to receive an introduction to the effects in episode 17 of "The Flash" Season 3.

Episode 17 spoilers and preview

According to the trailer of episode 17, Barry and others are shocked to view Hank Henshaw and Mon-El land on their planet with an unconscious Kara who is in a situation acute intoxication by the Music Meister. They are incapable of reviving Supergirl as seek Team Flash's advice. But, the Music Meister catches The Flash by setting him in a similar state leaving him incurable.

Kara and Barry are left without their skills in the other universe where their experience is a musical and they can only leave if they catch the script. The chapter is filled with singing and dancing.

The episode 17 of "The Flash" Season 3 will air on The CW on Tuesday, March 21 at 8.00 pm EST.