The episode 17 of "Arrow" Season 5, titled “Kapiushon,” is set to show Oliver after he is caught by Prometheus. The villain will try to break Oliver mentally and physically and will frighten his son. The teaser for episode 17 published on TV Guide states: “Prometheus (J. Segarra) goes to great lengths to destroy Oliver (S. Amell). In the meantime, in the flashbacks, Anatoly (D. Nykl) becomes troubled about Oliver's frequently violent trends, which come to an end in a cruel confrontation.”

Plot and key points of episode 16

On the last episode 16 of "Arrow", it featured Green Arrow and the other superheroes in the group to track down the place of Coast City writer, Susan Williams (C.

Pope). She was taken captive and her position was undiscovered by the team. Following, they were lastly able to find her, with the cooperation of Felicity Smoak (E.B. Rickards) and her partners.

However, on the end of the last episode of "Arrow" Season 5, the team were directed to a trap made by Prometheus. Green Arrow was assumed to bring down Prometheus when he ultimately got the top hand but he was shot by Talia al Ghul (L. Doig) from the back, getting it known that the best warrior is trying vengeance from Oliver for all he did to her father years before.

Episode 17 spoilers and teaser

According to the spoilers published online on Spoiler Guide, the next episode 17 of "Arrow" Season 5 named "Kapiushon" will follow Adrian's efforts to torture Oliver.

Subsequently, Prometheus captured Oliver because he will try to break the Green Arrow's determination and make him uncover his secret through torturous techniques.

Othe spoilers of "Arrow" Episode 17 also say that more about Oliver's powerful tendencies in the past may be explained. In fact, the official teaser state that there will be a flashback where Anatoly will explain how troubled he is about Oliver's violence.

As a consequence, both of them will reportedly join in a cruel confrontation.

The episode 17 of "Arrow" Season 5 will air on The CW on Wednesday, March 22, at 8.00 pm EST. It will be succeeded by episode 18, named "Disbanded," that will air on March 29.