"Gilmore Girls" has a cult following. There are several groups all over the internet devoted to fan fiction and news, plenty of them on Facebook alone. Rumors of the series returning had been swirling for years and after what seemed like forever, it was finally confirmed that "Gilmore Girls" would return for a short run on Netflix.

The revival

News of the revival spread like wildfire and fans eagerly waited for the filming to begin. Last year, spoilers popped up all over. Much of the cast was confirmed up front but some of the stars were added in later.

Melissa McCarthy was one that didn't end up filming until it was almost too late. While she is only in it minimally, it wouldn't have been right without Sookie in some of the scenes. It was released right after Thanksgiving last year, and fans are already craving more.

According to E! Online, there is a possibility that "Gilmore Girls" could return with more episodes on Netflix. There was confirmation that preliminary talks are happening. There is plenty that can be done with another round of shows, even if it is done in the same format. The revival left off with Rory (Alexis Bledel) finding out she is pregnant. That leaves the door wide open for anything to happen, including a storyline with her as a single mother to bring the entire show full circle.

It seems there is plenty left to expand on and if the demand is there, hopefully the writers will agree to put more episodes out.

Would the stars sign on for more?

There is also the issue of getting everyone together again for filming. It was done quickly for the revival, allowing for several of the original members to be available.

Milo Ventimiglia is now on one of the hottest shows on television now, "This Is Us." Jess returning to Stars Hollow may be difficult. Liza Weil is on "How To Get Away With Murder," which is also incredibly popular and could pose an issue for Paris Gellar to take part in more episodes. While these two aren't the end all to the show, they would definitely be important to incorporate.

Fans are holding out hope for more "Gilmore Girls" episodes and right now, it looks like it is definitely possible.