Marvel comics fans noticed a familiar face on selected “Logan” movie screens over the March 4, 2017, weekend when they glimpsed the antihero, Wade Wilson, in an eponymous trailer preview from "Deadpool 2". The three and a half-minute trailer opened as a parody following Wade on his way to see the "Logan" feature premiere. Diehard fans were treated to an homage to the first "Deadpool" as Wade listened to "Angel of the Morning" by crooner Juice Newton before they were immediately thrust into danger along with Wilson as he saw a victim being mugged.

The “Deadpool 2” trailer preview also featured comic book writer icon Stan Lee whose cameos have become a staple in the Marvel Studios franchise.

Wade chooses between The Wolverine and saving someone in need, promising, “Not today,” before he spills into a handy public telephone booth to a rousing anthem of “Superman” by composer 7. Wade clumsily transforms into his alter ego when gunfire erupts. He races from the phone booth and finds the victim dead. Wade’s choice of mourning follows with him laying his head on the victim’s body while he feasts on his Cherry Garcia ice cream.

Filmgoers who observed the movie with an eagle eye were also treated to several hints about its storyline in the upcoming sequel.

'Deadpool' Spoiler Clues

The trailer abruptly ended and viewers observed a plot synopsis that scrolled from Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”. The tale about the lone fisherman closely parallels the storyline of the aging mutant named Logan who is saddled with protecting a younger mutant with similar abilities to his while trying to survive.

Fans also noticed a movie poster of the space opera “Firefly” that alluded to the mutant film's western-styled theme and the cryptic handwriting that was scrawled on the outside of the phone booth.

Nathan Summers” was tattooed in red that also harkened to the first “Deadpool” movie's post-credits. Nathan is the telekinetic son of Scott Summers and is also the cyborg “Cable” in the "Deadpool" and "Jean Grey" Marvel Comics canon.

Trailer Queues

Actor Ryan Reynolds posted a clip of the comic film sequel on social media prior to the rousing preview send-up that aired only in selected theaters in the U.S. and Canada.

Watch the preview that trended number one across social channels.