Did you get your "Gilmore Girls" fix this Thanksgiving? Netflix aired a "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" reboot of the popular TV show on Black Friday. There were some surprises among cast members at the reunion--"Sookie" Melissa McCarthy lost weight while "Lorelai Gilmore" Lauren Graham appeared to have gained weight. At nearly 50 that wouldn't be too shocking, except that Graham's famously said she's always on a diet. This underscores a crazy weight loss/dieting dilemma. And regardless, the Stars Hollow star seems to remain eternally young.

What's her secret?

Lauren Graham of 'Gilmore Girls' shows her age?

So the 49-year-old actress looks heavier but not heavy. She may be slightly overweight according to the body mass index chart. That may surprise you but it's true that many people who do not appear overweight are on the BMI. But Graham is certainly not obese and the weight gain could be more apparent given her very slender size in older "Gilmore Girls" episodes. She had to look very youthful for the role of Lorelai Gilmore who was a teen mom and only 16 years older than her daughter. And next to petite Alexis Bledel ("Rory Gilmore") anyone would look bigger.

'Gilmore Girls' star obsessed with looks, aging?

In 2013, Lauren Graham was still very slim and young looking.

When asked if there was something in the water of Stars Hollow, the then 46-year-old joked about dieting but also confessed to being fearful of aging. She admitted to liking her looks and worrying what would happen as she got older. Hollywood isn't known for friendliness to obesity or aging. Weight loss, even plastic surgery are almost musts for celebrities, it seems.

Graham making peace with age

Graham says she's worked at accepting the changes that come with age, both in body and in career opportunities. She eschews advice to rising stars on shows like "American Idol" or "The Voice" to believe in themselves at all costs. The actress says that it would be better for performers to moderate over-confidence with realization of limitations.

Stardom is fleeting, she reminds celebrities. It's good to have a back-up plan (which for Lauren is writing).

"Gilmore Girls" actress proves dangers of diet

In interviews, Graham said she's been dieting most all of her life. At 11, the "Parenthood" actress started watching what she ate and working to keep the celebrity figure. Her recent weight gain reveals the danger of constant weight watching. It's good to be weight conscious but not scale obsessed. Also being ever on a diet can actually derail weight loss. Eating healthy is the goal to beat obesity, not rigid calorie counting and continual self-denial.