Nelle Hayes better watch her back on ABC's "General Hospital." She has made many enemies in Port Charles, especially Bobbie Spencer. She has been suspicious of this girl from the moment she laid eyes on her and she had every right to be. Nelle has literally destroyed Carly's marriage and it may be for good. Coming up on Monday's episode, Bobbie is expected to unleash her anger on Nelle.

The wrath of Bobbie

It definitely won't be pretty at all when Carly's mother sees that Nelle is still in town. In the "General Hospital" previews for Monday, Bobbie swiftly turns Nelle around to look at her and asks her how she can live with herself.

She is referring to the fact that Ms. Hayes has slept with her son-in-law and has basically ruined her daughter's marriage. Of course, she didn't really sleep with Sonny, she just made it look like she did in an effort to destroy Carly's life. But no one knows that just yet.

According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Bobbie lets her have it at what looks to be the MetroCourt when she runs into her. Will there be a cat fight coming between these two women? Carly has already slapped the girl who she believes had a one-nighter with her husband, so her mother could follow suit.

Will Nelle make matters worse?

Nelle is not one for backing down at all. She knows exactly what she is doing and she may just goad Bobbie on.

She is not leaving town like she said she was and that may have its consequences eventually. Now that she has decided to stay in Port Charles to try to win Michael back, she will have the wrath of not only Bobbie, but also Sonny and Carly Corinthos.

The daughter of Frank Benson will be getting a different job soon.

According to more "General Hospital" spoilers for this week, Nelle will be getting an interesting proposition. While it looks like Nina Cassadine may very well be looking for a nanny for her step-daughter Charlotte, it just so happens that Nelle will be making herself openly available for the job.

Nanny Nelle to the rescue

It looks like Charlotte will be getting Nelle as her nanny, and even though she may be happy about that, there are a couple of other people who may be even more thrilled about it.

Spoilers have hinted that it will be Lulu and Laura who may just get the ball rolling. They are definitely going to be involved with Nelle as a means of getting information on daddy Valentin Cassadine. They will see their opportunity in Nelle to get ahead of him when it comes to Charlotte.

So, it sounds like Nelle Hayes will make her time in Port Charles quite useful. She is not done just yet, despite the fact that Bobbie, Sonny, and Carly want her out of their lives completely. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out what happens between Nelle Hayes and Bobbie Spencer on Monday on ABC.

Are you looking forward to this confrontation?