Nelle Hayes has been scheming and plotting on ABC's "General Hospital" for months now, but her plans have now come to a screeching halt. Carly has found out that the girl whom she trusted and cared for since she came to Port Charles is not quite the angel she thought she was. There is about to be a showdown between these two women and it won't be pretty. According to spoilers by Soaps She Knows, the truth about who Nelle really is and why she is so darn angry with Carly is about to become to light. Who will come out the winner?

The slap heard around the world

Friday's episode of "General Hospital" will prove to pack one powerful punch and Nelle Hayes will be feeling. The previews showed that Carly Corinthos will give this girl a mighty slap after she spits out her venom to tell her, "What goes around comes around, b****." That is when Carly proceeds to slap Nelle across the face as Sonny and Michael watch this whole thing.

It is obvious that Nelle has been somehow traumatized by something Carly has done in the past, or at the very least, she feels that Carly took something away from her and that is why she is this way. Sonny is ready to take revenge on the girl that he thinks he slept with, but Michael is just trying to understand what is going on right now.

What will happen now?

Now that things are out in the open, Sonny and Carly will be left trying to pick up the pieces of their marriage after he cheated with Nelle. Actually, he didn't really cheat, but he doesn't know that just yet and Nelle may not be giving out that detail just yet to make Carly suffer even more.

Next week the show is expected to have Nelle explain exactly why she has plotted against Carly Corinthos. "General Hospital" fans will finally find out who this little schemer really is.

Michael's head is reeling at the moment. He has started falling for Nelle and she is feeling the same way. If it wasn't for Bobbie Spencer digging up the dirt on her, she would have scrapped the entire scheme and tried to make a future with Michael.

He may or may not stand by her. Viewers will see what will happens when the truth comes out on what has made her go on a rampage against Carly.

Sound off your thoughts on why you think Nelle Hayes hates her boss so much. Do you think Michael should stay by her side or run the other way? Stay tuned to more of "General Hospital" in the coming days to see Carly's reaction to what Nelle has to say.