While IT might not be the beloved Tim Curry appearing as the world's most terrifying clown, it seems the remake of the Stephen King horror story "It" is going to be OK after all. One of King’s most popular books, the tale of Pennywise the Clown has terrified many and continues to do so. King’s Constant Readers and movie buffs alike are interested to know if part one of the remake (“The Loser’s Club") is going to be any good. Many say that Tim Curry’s Pennywise is irreplaceable, while wondering if Bill Skarsgård can make the grade, balloons and all ("They all float down here.")

Stephen King says to relax and enjoy 'It'

However, fans aside – directors and producers of the “It” remake were probably far more worried about the reaction of one person – Stephen King himself.

According to /Film, they can all now relax – literally – as King has seen a preview and given his approval. In fact he headed to Twitter and applauded Andy Muschietti’s work on the film, saying it succeeds beyond his expectations, while telling everyone (filmmakers included) to “Relax. Wait. And enjoy.” The lucky author got to watch a complete cut of the new movie, which covers half of the novel. Part one covers the characters as children, while part two will reveal their adult tale, as long as the first remake is successful.

Critical praise indeed from author King

King tends to have very high expectations about any remake of his work and he can be disappointed.

He still hates Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 version of “The Shining,” for example, while he literally cried with happiness over the 1986 film “Stand by Me.” He was quoted as saying on leaving the viewing room, “Those are my friends,” making it clear that a lot of that film was based on his own life.

But we can all relax, knowing that Stephen does approve of the “It” remake – at least so far, so good, as according to Cinema Blend, the film can’t possibly have been completed yet.

They also say the movie has been a very long time in development, with several directors and concepts picked up and dropped. However, “It” is due to arrive in theaters on September 8.

Now fans just have to keep on worrying about “The Dark Tower,” a movie based loosely on King’s epic series of books. Also there is a new TV show to look forward to, with news of “Castle Rock” doing the rounds. That show will be a mix up of several King stories and characters and sounds like it could be pretty good.