Christina El Moussa showed up on "Good Morning America" Tuesday morning to clear the air about her marriage. It was announced back in December that she had been living apart from her husband, Tarek El Moussa for nearly seven months at that point. There was an incident that took place in May of 2016, and that was when things became clear their marriage was no longer working.

Spouses give interviews at same time on different networks

While Christina was busy on ABC telling viewers what she thought happened and why, Tarek was airing on NBC. He was not live on "Today," but he was very candid about what he believed happened in his marriage.

Both were careful about the words they used when describing the other. It was revealed they are working hard together to raise their two children.

Fans had been wanting to hear more about their private lives but both Christina and Tarek El Moussa decided to skip sharing anything personal about their love lives. Shortly after the interview aired, news broke that she had split from her boyfriend, Gary Anderson. The couple had been together for a few months following her split from Tarek but had ended things recently. That was shocking to fans who had been waiting for her to officially confirm that relationship and shortly after she did, they split.

Working together for the kids

It was revealed that Christina and Tarek El Moussa are focused on raising their children together with as little upset as possible.

They are being amicable and when Christina explained their separation to the couple's young daughter, she took it rather well. She wanted her parents back together but after El Moussa explained to her that was not going to happen, she seemed to move on. According to the El Moussas, the children are adjusting well.

There are conflicting reports on how the couple is managing to work together. Some outlets are reporting Christina and Tarek El Moussa are getting along well while others are saying filming for "Flip or Flop" is a nightmare.

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