Christina and Tarek El Moussa have been talked about a lot in the last few months. Back in December, the couple announced they had been separated. No one had any idea the couple was not doing well, especially since they were still working together on the HGTV show, "Flip or Flop."

A leak changed everything

Everything changed for the El Moussas when a leak revealed the 911 call Christina El Moussa made back in May 2016 when Tarek took off out of their Orange County home with a gun and headed up toward the hiking trails. There was no arrest made that day, but the couple did decide to live apart from then on.

They were able to co-parent amicably but their marriage was no longer worth saving.

The couple has been battling rumors in the media, many of them completely false, as Tarek El Moussa has addressed. Christina has been dating Gary Anderson since the split and Tarek had a fling with the couple's former nanny. She seems to be happy with her choice and he is currently dating around. The two reportedly still have a good working relationship, and they have chosen to raise their children together despite the fact that their marriage didn't work.

Public speaking together

The El Moussas were spotted out together for the first time since they announced their split -- and exactly one month after Tarek filed for divorce.

They were talking at a business summit, helping to teach others how to flip houses and be successful. This is something they are both versed in and have built their careers around. Each one shared a photo of the night, praising the other for a job well done.

Despite everything the media has been reporting, it appears that christina and tarek El Moussa are actually in a good place.

They have been putting their children first and hope to continue working together on their show, "Flip or Flop." Christina was worried about how their brand would be affected once the split was made public, but it's likely that neither party could have known how bad the rumors would be once they started circulating.