"Days Of Our Lives" fans will need to buckle up for the week of February 27th through March 3rd. Chloe has custody of Holly and is doing everything she can to keep Nicole from her baby. We know that Nicole can only take so much before she starts to strike back. The following is spoilers. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know.

Custody of Holly was only the beginning for Chloe. Her plan to relocate to New York with the baby and Parker is devastating news for Nicole. She begs for her daughter but Chloe doesn't give an inch. in fact, she gets a restraining order to keep Nicole away!

Nicole crosses a line!

Brady and Nicole grow closer as she leans on him for support and advice. Deimos, however, believes he sees more between the two and confronts Brady. The two have other things to attend to, though. Nicole stood Brady up for dinner and he has a feeling he knows why. As Brady and Deimos arrive at Chloe's they find her unconscious. Nicole has been there, she chloroformed her best friend and took Holly! Of course, when Chloe wakes up she is livid! Brady tries to calm things down and get her to let him handle the situation. Once he leaves, she makes the call to the cops and an Amber Alert is issued for Holly!

Paul sees a change in Sonny and confides in Gabi. With Deimos out, Victor needs someone he can trust and Sonny steps up to ask for the position.

Raines in charge!

Big changes at Salem PD. Roman is retiring and his seat is being filled by Raines! Hope and Rafe know this means major changes for them at work, Elsewhere in the department, JJ and Lani are out in public and share a kiss.

Chad wants Abigail with him. The two decide they want Andre and Kate living in the mansion with them as well.

Of course, that was an easy sell and the four share a home. Eli likes the Horton family. They all want to accept him for Julie. It makes sense to want to be sure there are no hidden secrets, however. Jennifer and Eric continue to spend time together and share more with each other. Will they become a power couple of Salem? Tune in to catch "Days Of Our Lives" each day to see it.