Fans of "Days Of Our Lives" have watched Nicole's struggle to become a mother for years. She wants a baby more than anything. Finally she has a daughter but the judge has given custody to the birth mother, Chloe. Nicole has tried to reason with Chloe and work things out, but even with Deimos out of Nicole's life, she won't give the child back to her biological mother. The following is based on spoilers. If you don't want to know, stop reading now.

Nicole has been patient in this battle for custody, as viewers know. She has tried to talk things through with Chloe and wanted to have them each raise their child with Daniel as siblings.

Chloe was not willing to give Holly back, however, after everything with Deimos. She felt that Holly would be in danger so she started the custody battle.

Brady tries to be there for Nicole

Brady becomes a shoulder for Nicole to lean on as the bad news just keeps coming at her. Getting custody of Holly wasn't enough for Chloe. She also got a restraining order against Nicole and then told her that she planned to relocate to New York to raise Holly and Parker. This was the final straw for Nicole.

Brady and Nicole have dinner plans but Nicole never shows. He realizes something is wrong. Deimos somehow figures it out too and they make their way over to Chloe's only to find her unconscious. See, Nicole has already been there, chloroforming her best friend and kidnapping baby Holly.

More legal problems for Nicole

"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers tell us that Chloe is livid when she wakes up and learns of the kidnapping. Brady tries to step in and get her to let him handle this. He wants to keep her from calling the police to report the kidnapping. Though Chloe agrees, she does end up making that call. Of course, this brings a whole new set of problems for Nicole.

An Amber Alert is issued for the baby and that makes this the second time she has kidnapped a baby..

A while back Deimos had considered kidnapping the baby to benefit himself, as he thought it would bring Nicole back to him. This latest spoiler has fans wondering if possibly there is a hidden connection to his scheme.