Abby Lee Miller, the dance coach on the Lifetime hit realityTV show, "Dance Moms", has been awaiting her sentencing for awhile now. She potentially faces 33 months in prison for fraud charges AKA hiding money from the government. But according to recent documents, she may not be as guilty as we've all believed her to be.

Is fame to blame for Abby Lee Miller's fraud charges?

In court documents recently released, it states that Abby Lee Miller wasn't purposely keeping money from the government. It states that instead, she became so busy with her show, "Dance Moms", and running her dance studio, Abby Lee Dance Company, that she wasn't even aware of the missing money.

That this all happened because she simply just didn't have any accounting experience and was unfamiliar with the books and records of the dance company. She had no experience with the studio's fiscal practices. With all this revealed, the dance coach is hoping that the judge will give her a lighter sentence. Considering Abby's owned her dance studio since 1980 when she was just 14 years old, she's now 50, this just sounds like an excuse to me.

Could Abby Lee do community service rather than serve a prison sentence?

It is being said that Abby may be able to skip out on her prison sentence and just do a great amount of community service since her charges weren't really her fault. Or at least, not completely.

Maybe she should have learned how to run a highly successful business before she put her studio out there on her Reality TV show. But hindsight is 20/20. Others are saying that the judge most likely will not give her a lighter sentence considering she is an adult and should have looked into these things prior to having a business.

But to her defense, she did admit that she should have been more forward about the international monetary transaction.

In all honesty, through her careless actions, she could have easily gotten more than just herself in trouble. She put all of her colleagues and employees at risk which is inexcusable. So maybe she should do at least a little bit of jail time just so she learns from her actions.

Maybe she'll actually think next time. Who knows what the judge is going to sentence her to. All we can do sit and wait. But let's hope that whatever the outcome is, her sentencing is enough so that she at least learns her lesson from all of this if she hasn't already.