Hi-concept, sci-fi comedies are always a rarity in film and television. Films like “Brazil” and the soon-to-release “Colossal” aren't afraid of taking big risks in order to gain those big rewards. Sure, these films are not for everybody, but the niche audience chasing such gems are seldom disappointed. “Colossal” recently released one last clip before it prepares to hit theatres next month. The three clips out so far give us a good idea of what we can expect from this sci-fi monster comedy.

A shocking Avatar

Nacho Vigalondo is the director behind “Colossal," a new comedy starring Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Tim Blake Nelson, and Austin Stowell.

Vigalondo has also scripted this film, and his previous works include titles like “Timecrimes” and “Open Windows."

The storyline for “Colossal” is truly hilarious, and one of the most original scripts in recent times. After getting booted out of work and out of a long term relationship, Gloria (played by Hathway) moves back into her hometown in order to work on herself. Oscar (played by Sudeikis) is one of Gloria’s oldest friends and he goes out of his way to make her feel comfortable in her town again. Oscar also happens to own a bar, which is where Gloria spends the bulk of her free time, hanging out with some of Oscar’s drinking buddies.

This semi-peaceful existence is broken when news of a giant monster attacking Seoul hits the mainstream media.

The world is shocked by these events, but Gloria begins to notice a concerning similarity between her and the monster. Strangely enough, she realizes that her actions in a nearby playground are being imitated by the monster on a daily basis. Unfortunately for Gloria, this discovery doesn't solve her problems, as a secondary monster emerges in Seoul, and all hell begins to breaks loose.

What to expect

If you take a look at the three trailers below, you can tell that the tone of this film is quite light, even while depicting the chaos unfolding in South Korea. The sci-fi heavy premiere of the film really isn't taking a toll on its comedic elements, and that is quite encouraging to see.

The film has already gained positive reviews (currently standing at 80% on Rotten Tomatoes), with critics praising Hathaway’s performance and the humour in the film in general.

A lot of people are comparing this film to a cross between “Godzilla” and “Lost in Translation," and that makes the film sound quite interesting. You can catch “Colossal” when it hits theatres on April 7th, 2017.