Kailyn Lowry slammed Javi Marroquin again last night. She is insisting he is the one who won't let things go, making it difficult to co-parent for the sake of their son. Lowry talked a little bit about it during the "Teen Mom 2" live aftershow. While she didn't completely blame Marroquin for their issues, she wasn't accepting any responsibility for it on her own either.

Co-parenting is not the same as friendship

The fact that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have a child together makes things incredibly difficult. Since he has been an active part in Lincoln's life, taking him away isn't an option.

Despite Lowry's abuse claims against Marroquin, nothing was proven in a court of law. He may have signed the protection from abuse order but that did not equal admission of guilt. The two are allowed to talk about Lincoln only, nothing more. Kailyn isn't going to have an issue with it but Javi might not be able to hold up his end of the bargain.

Accusations of cheating have been thrown around from both sides. Javi Marroquin insists that Kailyn Lowry was cheating on him while he was deployed. "Teen Mom 2" fans have sounded off about what they think and they seem to be in agreement with what Javi has to say about his ex-wife. The very fact that she is choosing to keep her baby daddy a secret is enough to throw up red flags where she is concerned.

Kailyn also accused Javi of doing her dirty, but she hasn't exactly elaborated on what that means.

Drama will follow them

It has been said that Kailyn Lowry is unreasonable when it comes to co-parenting with anyone. Several seasons of "Teen Mom 2" showed her arguing with her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera. Figuring out things with Isaac seemed to be a huge bother for her.

When Vee (Jo's girlfriend and mother of his second child) mentioned to Jo that Kailyn was getting karma back at her, she didn't like that too much. When Nessa asked her about it on the "Teen Mom 2" aftershow, her expression said it all. She wasn't going to call out Vee, but she definitely wanted to. Lowry is all about drama in any way she can get it.