Charo, whose real name is María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, is a contestant on Season 24 of ABC's popular dance competition show. After only two episodes on "Dancing with the Stars," she believes the judges are cheating her out of the higher scores she deserves. Therefore, she has threatened to quit if they don't give her better scores.

She might not have to quit because she could be voted off soon. After the first week, she and partner Keo Motsepe were in the bottom with Chris Kattan and Witney Carson who were eliminated.

Charo's scores

The first week, Charo scored 21 out of 40, and the second week she scored 25. Other people received low scores the first and second week along with Charo and Keo. The 66-year-old performer is wild on the show with her Cuchi-Cuchi routine which has gotten old. Whether she quits as she has threatened to do, or if she is voted off, fans will not be disappointed because she interrupts the judges and Tom Bergeron, the host. Last week, the flamenco guitarist took his microphone, and he had to use the one on his lapel.

Dancer's complaints

Charo has voiced her opinion to the producers. She indicated that she doesn't think she is being scored fairly by the judges. She spoke out to E! News about her frustration.

She said she was very upset that the judges gave higher scores to Mr. T. She thought it was unfair that Chris Kattan was eliminated.

If Charo doesn't do a better job, she will not have to quit. Unless she gets better scores from the judges and more votes from viewers, she will be eliminated.

People are social media have mixed opinions.

They agree that head judge Len Goodman is tough. However, he is not just tough on Charo. He is tough on everybody. On the other hand, others say Charo's dancing doesn't merit higher scores than she is getting. They added that comparing her scores with Mr. T's is a little childish.

Watch Charo and the rest of the contestants on "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday night on ABC. Let's see if Charo will get better scores, or if her scores will be similar to the ones she received the last two weeks.