brooke wehr is back on Instagram weeks after accusing her former fiance, Jeremy Calvert, of cheating on her with a woman named Mandi -- and several others. However, rather than confirm her current relationship status with the "Teen Mom 2" dad, Wehr is keeping her interaction with fans much more mundane.

As rumors swirl in regard to Wehr and Calvert's possible reunion, the young single mother took to Instagram to discuss the weather. "Looks like a Winter Wonderland again," she wrote on March 10. "Crazy weather lately, but it does look super pretty outside lol." Wehr also included a few hash tags, including "one day spring," "one day winter" and "hello allergies."

Brooke Wehr began dating Jeremy Calvert in 2015

After just three years of marriage, Jeremy Calvert announced that he and Leah Messer were headed for divorce after he allegedly caught her cheating on him with Robbie Kidd.

Although Messer denied cheating on her husband at the time, Calvert's divorce was finalized in June and around that time, his relationship with Wehr was confirmed.

Throughout their relationship, Wehr and Calvert have split and gotten back together a few times, but at the end of last year, fans believed they were on for good when Calvert proposed to Wehr in Ocean City, Maryland.

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert split twice in 2017

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert split earlier this year but got together a short time later. Then, in February, they split again and this time around things were extremely messy. In addition to claiming Calvert had allegedly slept with a "Teen Mom 2" producer, who had previously worked with Chelsea Houska, Wehr suggested there were many other women involved.

Meanwhile, Calvert denied that he had cheated on Wehr with anyone and labeled her a "crazy b***h." Since then, rumors have swirled in regard to a reunion but those reports have not yet been confirmed.

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