If you haven't had many reasons to praise Beyonce by now, you might change the attitude. According to the Houston television station KHOU, Ebony Banks is a teen from Houston who is fighting a rare type of cancer. Unfortunately, it progressed to the stage four so her friends did their best to get to Beyonce. They wanted to make Ebony's wish come true and persuade the famous singer to make a video call to her. The Houston teenager and Beyonce connected via social networks and Facetime application.

They used the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE and thanks to the power of it, Beyonce made a video call to the girl.

They "bombarded" social networks with messages using Ebony's nickname, Ebob.

The video made on Wednesday, shared by a lot of Beyonce's fans

Reportedly, the teenager admires the superstar and she told her she loved her in the video which is circulating on social networks. Beyonce replied in the same way. The video was made on Wednesday afternoon and it clearly shows Beyonce calling the girl and talking to her warmly. It was shared on Ebony's snapchat and by other fans of the pop singer.

Shanya McKnight, Ebony's classmate at Alief Hastings High School, says they just decided she should meet Beyonce, at least via video call. She and her friends actually made the hashtag to see how far they could get with this.

Obviously, they did a great job.

Beyonce's reaction surprises Ebony's friends as well

The Houston high school has already organized a graduation ceremony earlier this year so Banks could be a part of it. She spent a great deal of her senior year at hospital so the management decided to adapt the graduation schedule for her.

Houston radio station "KIAH" reports it was Banks' greatest wish to meet the pop star, born in Houston as well.

Not only Banks was stunned to have a chance to talk to her favorite singer but her friends too. They actually couldn't believe they managed to get in touch with the singer. As McKnight told to KHOU, they were almost shocked when they realized they got her attention. Beyonce, who recently announced she is expecting twins with Jay-Z, gets in the center of attention again for creating a special bond with her fan.