Reality shows have crawled into all spheres of our lives. In newspapers and news programs you can find superfluous details, spectacular reporting of all events, even the tragic ones. Participants of the shows become instantly famous, and use the fame to earn money and to continue their careers according to their desires and affinities.

Participants of the Reality ShowEden set an example of how things on TV don’t always go as planned. After they spent one whole year in wilderness, they expected to come home and be welcomed as stars, but things didn’t work out the way they planned.

Social experiment left without its viewers

The show was dedicated to the group of complete strangers, who were supposed to prove that they were capable of forming a new, functioning community far away from civilization. Thirteen of the contestants from the original group dropped out due to the merciless climate. Others were persistent and continued with the show. This “social experiment” showed that it is very hard to form a new community away from civilization because all the participants have experienced the advantages of modern life. Beside practical problems, they had a hard time dealing with hunger, arguments, and jealousy.

However, the year they spent would not be an issue if the broadcaster didn’t cancel the show after only four episodes.

Participants had no idea, and they expected a glamorous welcome home, but no one was there to greet them. The viewers believed the project was canceled eight months ago! Even though Channel 4 said they will bring “Eden” back on TV this year, participants are surely deeply disappointed.

Watching reality shows tells so much about us

You may ask yourself why would anyone want to watch the show where people suffer, fight, and where their lives are exposed to every tiny, little detail. Well, the audience may use it to secretly confirm their own values through a similar character, or get the false impression that we are better than the participants. Anyhow, choosing to participate or to watch a show like this tells so much about us and our state of mind. So, think twice before you do!