ben seewald is the husband of Jessa Duggar. The two just welcomed their second son last month, and things seem to be going well for them. For the most part, they stay out of the spotlight, except when it comes to making a big deal about news in the Duggar family.

The husband and wife duo make videos and post them on social media for nearly every occasion. When one of the Duggar siblings announces a change in relationship status, they get a video. Ben Seewald recently posted another video to social media, but it wasn't all warm and fuzzy. He is trying to get the word out about how horrible the movie "The Shack" is and why people shouldn't support it.

Ben Seewald makes his argument

The problem Ben Seewald has with the film is that it portrays God differently than the Bible does. Apparently, this has really set the young man off, and he is willing to go all-out to make sure people do not pay to see this movie. Octavia Spencer is the star of the film, which means the potential for viewership is there. There has not been a lot of publicity for it, though once it begins airing the word will get out. Seewald is unhappy with the way things have been handled, and he has decided this is one issue he definitely needs to try and conquer, complete with a video posted to social media.

This is shocking for some Duggar fans because Ben Seewald has always been noted as the most progressive of the bunch.

He has voiced support for the Black Lives Matter movement and done a few other things that seem more along the lines of what a young man may believe. In fact, there has been talk that he may be in hot water with his father-in-law because of his more liberal beliefs.

Publicity stunt?

Critics are accusing Ben Seewald of using this boycott to gain a following that will help him in his quest to become a preacher.

That is the ultimate goal, and in the meantime, he does not have a job. He has been living off of the money Jessa Duggar makes for being on "Counting On" with her family, as reality television is her business.

It will be interesting to see how far Ben Seewald takes this and whether or not the entire Duggar family will jump on the bandwagon.