Ben Seewald is the loving husband of Jessa Duggar. He is a few years younger than she is and was introduced to her because of his connection with her father, Jim Bob Duggar. The two have been a large part of the focus on "Counting On" and the now-defunct reality show, "19 Kids and Counting."

What does Ben Seewald do when not filming?

Fans have been wondering what Ben Seewald does for a living for quite some time. He never leaves to head to work and it appears that he has a lot of down time with Jessa Duggar. He did at one point work for Jim Bob, but it was assumed that was over when Seewald married his daughter.

Ben appears to have plenty of time to get his rap perfected, but not a lot of effort goes into finding a career. Fans want to know what Ben Seewald does when he isn't filming.

Politics seem to be of a lot of interest to the Duggar family in general. They attended several political rallies for candidates they have favored, including Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Josh Duggar was prepped to go into the political field before his life crumbled around him. Ben Seewald has been making himself more known on social media, posting thoughts about current situations.

Where do his views fall?

In a world where the Duggar family is ultra conservative, Ben Seewald seems to have deviated a bit from their strong beliefs.

He would be considered a right-leaning moderate. While he is definitely pro-life and other things conservative, he does support the Black Lives Matter movement. This was shocking to those who know what the Duggars believe and how important those things are to them. A scandal was expected when Seewald spoke out about BLM, but nothing erupted.

It will be interesting to see where Ben Seewald goes with a career in politics. He seems to be prepping for something to do with politics, but where exactly he will land is anyone's guess. He is very good at public speaking, so turning on the charm wouldn't be a problem. While he hasn't come out and shared which political office he would like to hold, fans are expecting him to go far.