Fans of the 90’s horror series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” have put together a fan-film looking at a possible future for the show’s universe. The film was released partially to commemorate the show’s 20th anniversary.

What is the background of 'Lurk'?

Titled “Lurk: A Fray Fan Film,” the film is an indirect adaptation of the "Buffy" series, being based directly off Joss Whedon's spin-off comic book series, "Fray," produced by Dark Horse. The story revolves around Melaka Fray, a futuristic vampire hunter. The "lurk" of the title is the term vampires are called within the series' universe.

In the story, Melaka has to contend with her two siblings, a sister who works in law enforcement and a brother who has been turned into a “lurk” himself.

The six-minute short features Fray being held under police questioning. After being reprimanded for her vigilante behavior by a police chief, Fray has a conversation with her sister, Erin. All the while, the scenes cut back to the fight against the monsters that Fray had been involved with, one of whom appearing to be her brother, Harth. After revealing that Fray would be absolved off any charges due to a legal technicality (the party where the attack occurred had been illegal), a split-second scene reveals that one of the characters may be hiding something about their true nature.

What went on behind the scenes?

The fan film took three days to shoot and was developed by Loot Crate studios. In addition, the short film had been funded through a Kickstarter promotion, developed by Vincent Valentin. Based in Los Angeles, 305 backers pledged $12,160 of a $9,850 goal to help fund the project. Reportedly, filming locations was what the money was most needed for.

Rewards for financial backers included being invited to a premiere party and even appearing in the short for a walk-on role. In addition to the backers, the film was also partially funded, specifically equipment use, by the Loyola-Marymount University. Beyond that, no monetary gain was reportedly made off the fan-film.

“Geek and Sundry” host Stephanie Woodburn starred as Melaka herself. Other cast members include Hutchi Hancock, Corey Page, Nick de Graffenreid, Noah Hunt, Tamiko Brownlee, Carolyn Feres, and Alexander Ward.