"Bates Motel" returns to A&E on Monday, February 20. It is just a few weeks away, and the fans are getting pumped about how the series may end. At the end of season 4, we learned that norman (Freddie Highmore) not only killed his mother, but dug her body up with the plan to preserve and keep it in his house.

Norman goes completely 'Psycho'

"Bates Motel" fans knew it was coming as the showrunner, Kerry Ehrin prepared the fans for the teen's dark turn in the last part of season 4. She told the fans in advance that Norma (Vera Farmiga) would be killed, but it was still hard to see it play out.

Norman accidentally murdered his mother in a failed murder-suicide at the end of season 4.

Just by watching the trailer for the "Bates Motel" final season, you notice right off the bat that Norman is not well and needs a psychiatric intervention immediately. He threw his pills in the garbage and refused to accept that his mother died. If he took responsibility for her death, he would be forced to assume some (or all) of the guilt for his part. It is easier for him to believe that Norma is still alive. At some point, Norman will be forced to deal with his mother's death.

What happens to Norman?

The A&E hit drama wrapped filming this week and the actors had mixed feelings about the show being officially over. For five years, they have worked together, and consider each other family. It is starting to hit them that the series is over, and that they will never check in to "Bates Motel" again.

Vera Farmiga posted a picture of her and Freddie Highmore after the final day of filming.

Vera had mascara running down her face and Freddie was sporting multiple cuts on his face. The image tells the "Bates Motel" fans that Freddie got into a scuffle with someone. The spoilers suggest that someone may die in the series finale, a scoop that has created a panic among fans. The writers had their work cut out for them.

Ending such a critically-acclaimed series in only ten episodes will be difficult. Judging by the trailer released, it's safe to assume that season 5 will be must-watch TV.

"Bates Motel" returns Monday, February 20 on A&E.