Exploring the realm of human tragedy is always a tricky area for artists around the world. It is important to respect the sentiments of people involved in the tragedies, but it is also vital to provide an unbiased view of the event itself. These tricky territories will be thoroughly explored in Hulu’s new drama series that will be based on the twin tower terrorist attack.

A tragedy looms

The Looming Tower” is a critically-acclaimed, Pulitzer-prize winning book written by Lawrence Wright. The title will act as the foundation of Hulu’s new series that will share the same name, and will star Jeff Daniels as a counterterrorism specialist named John O’Neill.

O’Neill will be joined by a trusted protégé Tahar Rahim (played by Ali Soufan), as they play an integral role in the events that lead up to tragedy that would befall the twin towers. The show will explore the controversial dynamic that exists between the FBI and CIA, and the impact of the organizations on the fate of America and the modern world.

What to expect

Jeff Daniels has already played a controversial figure on television during his turn on Aaron Sorkin's media drama “The Newsroom." The actor is already an influential personality in both film and television, and he has now begun experimenting with his choice of roles by taking on sci-fi films as well. The fate of “The Looming Tower” will no doubt rest on his capable shoulders.

The subject matter driving this show will perhaps be the most anticipatory facet of “The Looming Tower." No television show has taken on the terrorist attack on the twin towers thus far, and the Hulu series will no doubt be at the center of many controversies in the coming months for this reason alone.

Most importantly however, the 9/11 attack still remains a highly-charged subject that means different things to different people.

The horrifying events that unfolded that day no doubt changed the world for the worse, and tackling such a monumental topic will certainly prove to be a challenge.

You can catch the series exclusively on Hulu later this year.