The Walking Dead” took things to the next level this season by providing a brutal introduction to their lead antagonist Negan. The season has been basically reverberating off the events that occurred in the season premiere. Rick and the gang have been fighting it out trying to make ends meet in order to keep up the deal with Negan. Unfortunately, some of the members of the group seem to have had enough and are looking to end things with one swift move.

Building allies

Rick and the group quickly found out that they aren't the only ones being traumatized by Negan.

This season explored the lives of various other communities settled around the vicinity who are also operating under the fear of Negan.

We are introduced to four fascinating groups whose lives eventually get entangled together due to various complex circumstances. One group is led by a king with a tiger, while another by a coward with an agenda. One group lives on the fringe and wants nothing to do with the battles looming in the world, while another has built a powerful army and offers to become an unlikely ally in the battle against Negan. These pocket communities look to band together in order to take down the greater evil plundering their lives.

Solar mission

While most of the characters introduced in “The Walking Dead” are busy planning an assault on Negan’s forces, Sasha and Rosita take off on their own to launch a surprise attack on the ring master himself

The girls unwillingly bond over their history with Abraham and become mentally prepared to give their lives in bring down the man who brutally murdered Abraham with a baseball bat.

In the dying minutes of the penultimate episode it is revealed that Sasha tricks Rosita out of the mission and goes off on her own to assassinate Negan.

The finale will no doubt result in a culmination of all of these intense events, and look to offer a fitting resolution. The final episode has already been hyped by the cast and the media, and it might just be one of the "The Walking Dead's" best.