Teen Mom 2 fans are used to stories about drama and heartache when it comes to Jenelle, her family, and her baby daddies. Jenelle Evans, however, has recently given her fans something other than drama to talk about. The “Teen Mom 2” star recently took to Instagram to share a video and some sweet photos Jace, Kaiser, and baby Ensley.

Baby Ensley is already adored by her big brothers

Baby Ensley will be turning a month old in just a few days as she was born on January 24th. Despite only being a member of Jenelle’s family for a month now, she appears to have already stolen the hearts of her big brothers Kaiser and Jace.

Jenelle’s family 'melts her heart'

In the sweet video Jenelle shared on Instagram, Jace can be seen holding his new baby sister with David Eason cuddling up to both Jace and baby Ensley. Jenelle captured the picture “melt my heart some more you guys…” and her followers quickly began gushing over the short by sweet video clip.

Jenelle Evans also shared a sweet picture with Kaiser and Jace laying on their sides facing each other with their sister – baby Ensley – laying in the middle. In the caption of the photo, Jenelle refers to her newborn daughter as a “little angel” and promises she will have the best protectors “forever and always.”

It has been a busy few weeks for Jenelle

As fans of this MTV series know, the last few weeks have been pretty busy for Jenelle.

In addition to giving birth to Ensley three weeks ago, and posing for a newborn photo shoot, news that another Teen Mom wedding was looming broke. It was earlier this month that Jenelle and David took to Instagram to show off their engagement jewelry and reveal that the two were going to get married.

Jenelle also revealed the news of her engagement with her fans and followers on Instagram by sharing a picture of herself wearing her engagement ring.

In the picture, the reality TV personality can be seen flashing her ring for the camera while David Eason is planting a kiss on her.

While Jenelle is still currently battling her mother to gain custody of Jace, it appears as if this "Teen Mom 2" family is very happy with their newest addition.