Julie Andrews was trending on Twitter late Friday night, sparking fears that another celebrity had passed away. That was not the case for Andrews, though. Instead, she was just making an appearance on the late night talk show circuit, going on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert on CBS.

Late night appearance

For many, the highlight of Andrews' appearance on "The Late Show" was her attempt to feed a massive amount of grapes to Colbert as he tried to wrap up the appearance. As Colbert speaks, the starlet shoves grape after grape into his mouth, forcing him to chew and talk before she pops one in her own mouth and snuggles up to the shoulder of her interviewer.

Andrews also discussed her love for watching football, talked about her upcoming Netflix children's show, and discussed her experience with "My Fair Lady." The latter reference was notable because she performed a song from "My Fair Lady" in the Ed Sullivan Theater back in 1961, which is where "The Late Show" is currently taped.

Legend of the screen

The 81-year old Andrews doesn't appear on the late night circuit often, but her appearance on "The Late Show" certainly brought a lot of cheer to people looking to be happy about something in the world. Her glowing disposition is famed, spanning from her role in "The Sound of Music" to her time as "Mary Poppins." Queen Elizabeth II made her a Dame due to her contributions on the screen and in theaters around the world.

Most people would be long retired at her age, but she keeps plugging along, knowing her legacy is secure.

Part of her appearance on "The Late Show" was dedicated to promoting "Julie's Greenroom." The educational preschool television show was created by Andrews and her daughter. The show will be much in the style of "The Muppets" and "Sesame Street," with an original cast of puppets created specifically for the show by The Jim Henson Company. Thirteen 30-minute episodes, starring Andrews and special guest stars, will premiere on Netflix next month on March 17, 2017.