akshay kumar’sJolly Llb 2” is continuing its onward march at the box office. Critics have been positive about the film which is a satire on the current state of Judiciary in India The film has irked a section of lawyers who were successful in deleting four objectionable scenes from the movie. Recently Khiladi Kumar shared one such scene from the movie though it is not clear if it was one of the deleted scenes from the satire.

What irked the lawyers?

It is a 1.19-minute clip and featuring Jolly along with his assistant, Justice Tripathi played by Saurabh Shukla and Mathurji (Annu Kapoor).

The scene shared with the fans by Akshay pertains to a scene where a Judge is having a lunch and another Judge (Annu Kapoor) enters and says that “Ye court hain, yahan sab khaate hain (Everyone earns money in the court).” The seemingly innocuous remark proved a bit indigestible to the Lawyer community, and a bright mind put a writ contending that the scene showed the lawyers in a bad light.

It is a common problem in India where film stars and leaders are treated as bigger than their self and often worshiped as Gods. The same attitude continues when anyone questions the army or the Judiciary. There are situations where Judiciary, as well as the Army, has been involved in conduct which is not very honorable.

But the hypocritical society often in their ostrich likes attitude gloss over these inadequacies.

Check out the deleted video clip that Akshay shared on Twitter

Akshay Kumar plays a lawyer in the flick where he is faced by a system which reeking with lethargy and neglect.

The film also stars Saurabh Shukla, and Huma Qureshi plays Akshay’s female interest. The dialogues, as well as the songs of the film, are already a big hit. The film was released last Friday and is doing good business at the box office.

As of today, the film has cross Rs 100 crores at the box-office and still going strong in India and overseas.The shooting of the film was reportedly completed in just 33 days with Akshay Kumar.