Kelly Ripa has had 64 co-hosts since Michael Strahan's sudden exit on May 13, 2016. The ABC show stated that it would take a while to find the right person, but it's been many months, and the fans are beginning to assume they will never find someone to work with Kelly Ripa.

Tamron Hall

tamron hall announced several weeks ago that she wasn't renewing her contract with NBC after her third hour of the "Today Show" was canceled to make room for Fox's Megyn Kelly's new talk show. She felt it was time to move on from the show, and reassured her fans that they would see her on other programs.

So what did Tamron mean? Could we see her on "Live With Kelly"?

According to Us Weekly, Tamron's friends encouraged her to "throw her hat in the ring." They thought she would make a great co-host for Kelly as network announcements have blindsided them both.

"Live With Kelly's" fans aren't sure that Ripa would want to share the spotlight with a strong journalist like Hall. They fear that she would take the spotlight from Kelly --- and it's apparent that she doesn't like that at all.

What about Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper was the top prospect last summer until he renewed his contract with CNN.

Anderson will continue to host his own "Anderson Cooper 360." Renewing his contract was his way of declining the job with ABC.

Andy Cohen?

Andy is part of the best friends trio -- which includes Cohen, Anderson Cooper, and Ripa. Many thought he would squeeze in the time to co-host the show for his BFF, but his job with Bravo is too tight to fit in "Live With Kelly."

Basically, we don't know who ABC will ultimately settle on to replace Michael Strahan.

They've tried out 64 prospects, and none have worked out.

It seems highly unlikely that Tamron would replace Michael. Hall is direct and blunt.

Kelly is controlling and often snarky, so watching these two powerful women interact with each other would be interesting for the viewers but would result in total chaos.

Who do you think will end up replacing Michael Strahan's position, permanently? Do you think Tamron Hall could be the new co-host? Sound off in the comments section below.