scandal is all braced up for the seventh season premiere next month. Sad to say, but this is the end of the series. The ABC network had remained tight-lipped for months. However, the truth as to the show’s fate could never be hidden from the many followers. No less than Rhonda Rhimes, the creator who broke the ice, declared that the concluding episodes will have Olivia Pope on the power seat.

What’s in store for the viewers?

It cannot be denied that Scandal’s viewership had declined since the peak of 12 million viewers gathered in the Season 4 premiere.

In the last installment, the number’s average was only 5.7 million, which is estimated to be 20 to 30 percent lower. Now, there are a lot of questions whether the once-famed political drama will be able to change its ratings, although this does not matter anymore.

Will there still be surprises that one needs to anticipate in Season 7? Let us take a step backward for a start. The last episode closed with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) at the height of command being the chief of staff of US President Mellie (Bellamy Young), and the present head of B613. How she got to the top was indeed a horrendous act, when she schemed for the demise of the ex-vice president, in the guise of service to the country.

Fast forward to the next installment

Well, the story will revolve around Pope having that great authority and influence. One could just imagine the force that she has to control and take advantage of, even to the point of cutting ties with those she values and love. According to Washington, in one of the interviews, even her character is not aware of how she is using power.

One thing that is sure, is that she has not learned from the mistakes of others - not even that of her father’s experience, Rowan.

Looking back on the previous seasons, viewers have witnessed how the story unfolded for the main characters. The former episodes depicted the struggles between the major characters as they journey to finding security and love.

The final season will also bring about a new perspective for Olivia. She will stand up against the atrocities and force her way to the top of the pedestal.

In this last and final Scandal season, Olivia will be portrayed as the woman who has to put aside her old self who defended her clients who had suffered from the atrocities of politicians. She will function on the opposite, being corrupted by the system that she is in. Scandal will have its premiere for the last and final season on October 5 at 9 P.M. on the ABC network.