The recent weather forecast revealed the probable path that Hurricane Maria will take. On top of that, the forecast relayed that the weather condition will continue to worsen and that the cyclone will bear the same brute force that Irma had.

Direction of the storm

Reports from CNN mentioned that the storm is gaining strength and it will devour the Caribbean islands in the forthcoming days. Given the fact that the region was previously destroyed by Irma, residents are now preparing to launch another countermeasure to reduce the damage and possible casualty.

It appears that the storm will become a major hurricane and will soon hit the shores of Leeward Islands in the upcoming days. It will also intensify and progressed to a Category 4 hurricane in the next 48 hours, as reported by the National Hurricane Center.

Additional details

Previous data showed that the cyclone is now about 100 miles northeast of the Barbados region and it is now 210 miles off the coasts of the east-southeast region of Dominica. Hurricane Maria continues to move towards the eastern Caribbean with sustained winds of 13 mph.The Hurricane center also stated, "Maria continues to strengthen and is expected to be a major hurricane intensity when it affects portions of the Leeward Islands over the next few days, bringing dangerous wind, storm surge, and rainfall hazards."Looking back on the cyclone's development, the storm is known as one of the stormings churning in the Atlantic waters.

Its presence poses a threat to the battered regions of the Caribbean. As the islands struggle to keep things afloat, the forthcoming force of Maria is something to be reckoned with. It has pushed hurricane warnings to regions such as Martinique, St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat as well as Guadeloupe and Dominica. Other areas include Antigua and Barbuda, St.

Lucia and Saba, St. Eustatius.

Possible Aftermath

As Hurricane Maria treads toward the Leeward Islands, residents are advised to seek higher ground because a possible storm surge is expected in the region. The water levels will rise and might rise to 7ft. The NHC also rendered some forecast indicating a possible rainfall of 20in.

The rainfall will affect the central and southern Leeward Islands.Not only that, Hurricane Maria also expected to render some damages if it continues to traverse towards Puerto Rico, the US and British Virgin Islands. The NHC also warned that the rainfall on all of these regions might be life-threatening and should not be taken lightly.