It was just yesterday that Hurricane Irma increased to a Category 4 and recent developments revealed that it is now a Category 5 hurricane. Irma's tremendous power and rainfall will likely affect not only Florida and Puerto Rico but other areas in its path as well.

Preparations to counter Hurricane Irma

Reports from CNN indicate that Florida and Puerto Rico are not letting their guard down. The two nations have intensified their preparations to counter the devastation that Irma is expected to bring. Residents of Florida stocked up in advance, emptying the shelves of supermarkets and even the gas stations ran out of fuel.

The residents of the northeastern regions of the Caribbean are also making last minute preparations before the hurricane hits their shores. The reality of its brute force has forced thousands to scramble to higher ground. Not only that, the residents are now stocking up water, food, dry clothing, and gas to sustain them as the hurricane approaches.

Additional Preparations

Besides protecting their homes, residents are also getting their boats out of the water. Since the catastrophic storm is a Category 5, it is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rainfall. Aside from protecting lives, the government of Florida and Puerto Rico aims to protect property as well.

According to a statement issued by the Hurricane center, the storm has the potential to wreck homes and properties which is why caution is a necessity.

Moreover, if Hurricane Irma makes a landfall during a high tide, seas and rivers might overflow leading to homes and communities. The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló stated, “We have to prepare for an event that we have never experienced here."

Current update for Hurricane Irma

As of press time, Hurricane Irma is packing winds of up to 185 miles per hour.

It could cause massive destruction all over Puerto Rico. Other regions that could be affected are Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the United States Virgin Islands. Even Cuba could face the mammoth wrath of the storm. Additional details from Yahoo reported that Hurricane Irma's impact is a record-setting one. While Florida and Puerto Rico waits for the arrival of the storm, Antigua has experienced its brutality.

The storm downed trees and there is widespread flooding on the island.

The Category 5 hurricane is expected to hit Florida this coming weekend. Residents have been warned to stay alert and be cautious for a possible storm surge and heavy flooding.